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Current Project - Ford Anglia 105e

Cost so Far

Car bought for£700 
Welding Helmet£45 
Welding gloves£12 
Welding Course£310from Brooklands College, Weybridge. Thanks Tony.
Sheet steel£35 
Argon-CO2 Gas£90although this included the deposit (from Pauls Gas, Lightwater)
Regulator valve£25 
Conversion kit£12for large gas bottle to replace the expensive small bottles
Engine crane hire£41from HSS

After purchasing the Anglia it would not start but after being off the road for 17 years that was probably not a surprise. After a bit of investigation no fuel was getting to the carb so checked the fuel pump and pumped manually - at last some fuel. Then no spark, checked the points and found the points were not going to ground, cleaned up and next turn of the engine it started although albeit noisily as the exhaust had rusted away years before. Interior stripped out and the metal trim removed from the sides of the car; bonnet and boot removed. Heater removed.

The engine and gearbox were soon removed and the Rotisserie put together. Although it was now too long for the garage - cutting the outside legs off cured the problem. It was only a single garage so lots of stuff from the garage had to go elsewhere or down the tip. Borrowed an extra height jack from a neighbour and with a bit of jiggery pokery got the car onto the Rotisserie. This then allowed me to drop the front suspension, albeit in 2 pieces, as I had to cut the anti roll bar in half. Turning the body was so simple. Now the full extent of the rust worm could be seen and got at without the need to be lying underneath the thing with rust dropping into your eyes and scrambling around underneath on a crawler.

Now to get down to the rust, again the usual, the more you dig the worse it got. Although there seemed a large amount of rust, bearing in mind it was over 45 years old, it did not look too bad!!!

The main problems were nothing unusual for an Anglia; around the jacking points - front and rear; and the front of the rear spring hanger; the sills at the front of the car; some of the floor and the box section that runs across the rear of the car. The car was undersealed from new and this must have helped preserve the main chassis rails and front top mounts. Also 1 or 2 oil leaks always help to coat the metal.

The car's arrival:

The stripdown begins

Let battle commence

Off side jacking point removed and some of the inner, middle and outer sills.

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